Services & Capabilities

  1. Can PanelShop.com do Private Labeling?
    • PanelShop.com can provide private labeling of panels to suit a customer’s branding requirements.  We can apply customer supplied decals, create specific engraved lamicoids, and even paint enclosures to a specific color using our large capacity paint booth.
  2. Does PanelShop.com do Programming?
    • Our Automation Engineers have years of experience programming a wide range of PLC’s and HMI’s from a diverse group of manufacturers and applications.
  3. Will PanelShop.com do on-site commissioning?
    • Our Engineers and Electricians travel domestically and abroad to best serve our customers.  From start-ups to preventative maintenance during outages, we are fully prepared to support our products and customers. See our rate sheet for more information.


  1. Can we do explosion proof enclosures?
  2. What if my panel needs are not available in the potential configurations?
    • PanelShop.com will custom build beyond the selections within the configurators to satisfy all panel needs.  Contacting PanelShop.com directly for a custom request will put you in touch with our Engineering Department who will carefully address your needs and provide a quote for a custom order within 24 to 48 hours. Submit A Custom Request >>
  3. If we send you the hardware, can you build it?
    • Customer supplied materials are common and we even have protocols in place to document any parts supplied to prevent against lost or misplaced parts.

Lead Times & Shipping

  1. What are the lead times?
    • Lead times will always vary on existing production and part availability; however we strive to get our customers what they need, when they need it.  Our production facility has employees available for emergency and/or rush work when required. If you need a precise estimate on lead times for a specific product(s), send us a message or instant chat us below.
  1. How long does it take to receive my quote after submitting it?
    • Depending on the size of the quote, our Design Specialists and Engineers can typically have a quote to submit within 24 to 48 hours from time received.

Regarding PanelShop.com

  1. Does PanelShop.com’s manufacturing take place in the USA?
    • PanelShop.com is located in the United States.  All manufacturing for PanelShop.com takes place at our 45,000 sq. ft. facility in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, just 10 minutes east of Pittsburgh.  This facility is fully equipped to handle the manufacturing of control panels of all sizes. Learn More About Our Facility >>
  2. What level of quality are panels built by PanelShop.com?
    • At PanelShop.com, quality is one of the highest priorities.  The manufacturing processes and techniques we instill in our employees exceed industry standards.  Additionally, all panels built by PanelShop.com can be UL508A certified upon request. Read About Our Quality Management System >>


  1. What forms of payment does PanelShop.com accept?
    • PanelShop.com can receive purchase orders, credit card payments and even PayPal. In order to pay with purchase orders, a customer must complete a credit application and provide references.


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