Patterson Manufacturing Case Study

The Problem

Patterson Manufacturing produces winches used with barges and tug boats, operated by starter panels and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) control panels. Patterson Manufacturing wanted to package control panels with their winches to ensure quality. In the past, third party control panels varied in quality, and had the potential to adversely impact their winches.

The Answer designed a 15 horsepower VFD panel with circuit breaker protection for Patterson Manufacturing to package with its winches. Providing circuit breakers to protect the panels allowed tug boat operators to eliminate the potential for blown fuses without being forced to make unplanned stops along the river.

Patterson Manufacturing also felt comfortable working with as a local supplier because quality control was a top priority. fulfills all orders with the same level of quality assurance, but is proud to offer on-site visits during panel builds for interested customers at any time. tailored the panel design to suit the client’s needs and continues to offer the diagnostic and creative engineering expertise that sets apart.

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