Everything Ice Case Study

The Problem

Everything Ice designs and builds turnkey custom ice rinks for indoor and outdoor, portable, seasonal, and permanent applications. Demand for Everything Ice’s custom rinks began outstripping their capacity to build control panels in-house.

After being burned by a underperforming panel builder, Everything Ice needed to find a panel shop with industry-leading quality control that could handle a range of unique panels.


The Solution

When Everything Ice found PanelShop.com online, PanelShop.com invited Everything Ice on a tour of the shop. PanelShop.com designs, builds, and tests all panels in a 40,000 ft. facility just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, with the capacity to fulfill ancillary tasks like labeling, hole punching, bus bending, and more.

PanelShop.com was not only able to execute specialty designs for Everything Ice, but also optimized drawings and part specifications to save money and improve safety.


The Results

Everything Ice found a custom panel building partner who could meet and exceed expectations for high quality panels, delivered on budget and on time. PanelShop.com’s experienced technicians not only thoroughly inspect each panel through three rounds of testing, but also offer design expertise and responsive customer service.

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