Combination Starters

Combination Starter, Combination Motor Starters

Product Description allows you to customize your own Combination Motor Starters, designed for common industrial motor starter applications requiring either Full Voltage Reversing or Full Voltage Non-Reversing operation.


To meet your specific needs, offers both IEC Motor Starters and NEMA Rated Motor Starters in a full range of horsepower from 1/2HP through 400HP.

Motor Starter options include various NEMA enclosure ratings (NEMA 12, NEMA 1), pilot device selections, control options, and 208VAC through 480VAC voltage selection.

Configurator Options

Combination Motor Starters are available from an extensive network of leading electrical control manufacturers including ABB, Allen Bradley, and Siemens to ensure your preferred manufacturer’s products are available for configuration. These products come with numerous options including:

  • Enclosure Type
  • Disconnect Options
  • Push Button Options
  • Device Size Options
  • Coil Voltage Options
  • Pilot Light Options

For more information regarding our Combination Motor Starters and a detailed explanation of IEC Motor Starters vs. NEMA Rated Motor Starters, refer to the links below:

IEC Motor Starters are based upon a more cost-efficient compact design, while still providing a wide range of starting capabilities.

NEMA Rated Motor Starters offer you a more traditional, heavy duty horsepower rated solution.