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DC Drives offers configurable DC Drives and DC Drive Panels that provide flexible, reliable, and affordable control for new and retrofit applications in many applications including metals, plastics, paper, cranes, mining, oil and gas, and excitation equipment, among others.


DC Drive packages are available from an extensive network of leading electrical control manufacturers including ABB, Allen Bradley, and Siemens to ensure your preferred manufacturer’s products are available for configuration.

DC Drive packages for 4 Quadrant applications are available from 3 to 200 HP at 240V and from 3 to 500 HP at 480V.

DC Drive packages for 1 Quadrant applications are available from 3 to 200 HP at 240V and from 3 to 500 HP at 480V.

Manufacturers Available for Configuration:


Configurator Options

The DC Drive configurator enables you to design your own drive package by selecting various components to fit your application. The configurator takes you through a series of questions regarding your motor and application to assist with the configuration. For example, you can configure a basic enclosed drive system and add features such as dynamic breaking, or specific reactors.

The DC Drive configurator also offers many additional options including:

  • Enclosure Type
  • Power Selection
  • Pilot Devices
  • Disconnect Options
  • Knife Switches (Arm & Field)
  • Communication Options

Once you have completed the design of your DC Drive panel, the configurator displays your configuration along with a quotation, documentation, and drawings.

The configurator for DC Drives and DC Drive Panels offers a wide range of drive packages and options that cover the most common applications. However, if you do not find what you’re looking for, contact, and we will customize a drive package to fit your specific needs.


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