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Transformers offers configurable Transformers for any commercial, industrial, manufacturing, or production process application.

Transformers are available from Hammond Power Solutions (HPS), an industry leader in this product family.

Manufacturers Available for Configuration:

Configurator Options

The configurator enables you to design your own Hammond  Transformer by selecting various parameters to best fit your application. The configurator offers a variety of transformer series including drive isolation, distribution, autotransformer, control power, low voltage lighting, and medium voltage.

Additionally, you can make efficiency selections, choose different category types, single or three phase input voltages, select your KVA, and copper or aluminium winding material.

Some selections may include choosing frequency, secondary voltages, K-factor, number of coils, and horsepower.

Once you have completed the design of your Hammond Transformer, the configurator displays your configuration along with a quotation, unique configured part number, and drawings.

The configurator for Transformers offers a wide range of options that cover the most common applications and beyond. However, if you do not find what you’re looking for, contact, and we will customize a transformer to fit your specific needs.


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